Jasmine Brown

18901406_1954045024882302_955894201_o.jpgJasmine Brown is a 20-year-old International Business student at the University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, minoring in International Development and Conflict Management. A Baltimore native, this junior specializes in conflict resolution on organizational and international levels. Ms. Brown has worked at the United States Department of Commerce in the S.A.B.I.T. Program as a summer intern (2015), chaperone to foreign dignitaries from various Eurasian countries learning methods of bolstering regional economies while reinforcing trade relations. Jasmine also worked at the University of Maryland’s Department of External Relations (2016) where she served as a  and a student videographer—recording and editing promotional content for the office’s social media outlets which she also managed. Her efforts helped garner and gratify donors on the behalf of minority, marginalized and “at need” scholarship recipients of the University of Maryland. Ms. Brown aspires to work in the field of diplomacy in the near future and welcomes all experiences advancing her towards that goal, her participation in Cultural Vistas being no exception!