Budget Tips: $1,000 for 2 Months

By: Jennifer Moran

As a financially independent college student, choosing to participate in an unpaid internship abroad was a decision that took a lot of thinking and required a lot of planning. No matter how cheap we want to be, travel requires money.

Regardless of my financial situation, I strongly believe in the idea of traveling even if it’s on a small budget. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Below is a list of 10 tips on how I cut down my expenses in Buenos Aires and stayed within my $1,000 budget for two months:

  1. Cut your phone plan. Wi-Fi is very accessible in Buenos Aires.7782-wifi-logo.png
  2. Bring a water bottle and make water your favorite drink.
  3. Learn how to cook. Restaurants are expensive and have a service fee in addition to a tip. Groceries, fruits, and vegetables are expensive but cooking is still a cheaper option than eating out. Planning your meals ahead will be extremely helpful. 
  4. Use public transportation or walk to your destination. Taxis are expensive (especially at night).
  5. Bring U.S. dollars. You’ll receive a better exchange rate. If you rely US-dollar-6on your card, you will have to pay a fee every time you take out money in addition to any international fees from your bank. 
  6. Use cash. It makes it easier to keep track of your expenses. You are more likely to swipe your card than to spend cash. 
  7. Take advantage of the free activities in Buenos Aires. There are free walking tours in the city. Yes, tourist guides expect a tip but it is definitely cheaper than booking a tour with an agency.
  8. Speak Spanish especially when shopping. Locals will rip you off if they notice you’re American.unnamed-2
  9. Don’t feel pressured to buy souvenirs for everyone! Your loved ones should understand your financial situation. If anything, rely on postcards!
  10. Have a budget and stick to it! 

Buenos Aires is a very expensive city. Learn how to distinguish between wants and needs. I want a very berry hibiscus refresher from Starbucks every day after work but I need that money for groceries 🙂

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